Mbel X6 Functional Training Rack System IMP-X6-FT


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Mbel X6 Functional Training Rack System IMP-X6-FT

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IBL X6 – Light Commercial Smith Machine [Power rack and functional trainer 3 in 1], you can experience a variety of workout options normally found in an entire commercial gym. By doing so, it strengthens your heart, lungs and also the metabolic area.


  • Features Cross over pulley Swivel
  • Adjustable Multi Ring Strap
  • Knurling chrome-plated weight lifting rod
  • Solid hard chrome plated guide rod
  • Squat Protection Rack
  • 180 kg precision steel weight stack
  • Multi-angle grip
  • Double Pull Cable
  • Multi-hand dip handle
  • Metal cover
  • Weight plate storage
  • Non- slip metal footplate

Smith structure:

Lengthened design of stainless-steel ring Buckle is strong and impact resistance
Anti-skid thread design of solid Olympic weight bar with chrome-plated knurling handle can increase grip strength and more safety
The flexible limit bar can effectively avoid the overturning of the weight lifting bar
Built-in mute bearing gives you a smooth and quiet fitness experience

Cross over pulley cables:

The cable length can be adjusted as per the user’s request
You can see the number through the hole to adjust the height
The tension output can rotate 180 degrees freely to meet different training angles and ensure your training effect
The dip grip is comfortable
The zinc-plated knob sets can easily be adjusted

Long safety Rack and Leather Foam:

High-quality Leather Foam with Anti-sweat, wear-resistant, odourless and clear leather texture will not break or peel after long use
The adjustable dip handle with an anti-slip grip can realize both wide grip and narrow grip to meet a variety of training needs
Steel safety rack has the protective function
High quality 65 Mn thick spring is super shock absorption with high stability, anti-corrosion and anti-rust
T-bar Row land mine can expand a variety of training functions which can be adjusted at will, conveniently and free.
Rubber and High-performance buffer spring double buffer can effectively protect the upper linear bearing.

Weight Stack:

180 kg precision steel weight stack; 90kg each side and only needs to be easily adjusted by the bolt to start the fitness journey
Weight selector pin avoids sliding during exercise, Large beautiful & durable large aluminium alloy handle is easy to be adjusted
The metal shield greatly increases the firmness and aesthetics when fully protected.

Other Details:

Rubber non-slip material gloves can bear 70N Force
5mm thickness, non-slip metal footplate-Its reversible design can be suitable for different training
The rear side barbell sheet storage is easy for storage
Aluminium alloy pulleys bring you a smooth and quiet fitness experience while being more durable
The solid chrome-plated precise steel limit post is strong and durable
Multi-angle chin-up bar can meet different training request
Knurling chrome-plated weight lifting rod can increase grip force and prevent rust.
T-bar Row land mine can expand a variety of training functions which can be adjusted at will, convenient and free.
The W-type curved bar can better fit close to the chest, reduce the risk of a wrist injury while increasing the angle changes and help to shape sculpture muscle details
Rotating landmine attachment rotating frame is wear-resistant


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