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FitEmirates provides top notch repairing, servicing and maintenance for your fitness or gym equipment such as: Treadmill, Elliptical, Exercise Cycle, Rowing Machine, Multi-Gym, Recumbent Bike, Upright Bike, Pool Tables and a lot more.
Repairing fitness equipment from A-Z!

Excellent! They helped me decide on a machine that fit my needs without and gave me good recommendations to choose from. They even told me to get a cheaper model, as it fit my needs better, when I was comparing two different running machines.

Technicians are great. They came on time and the setup was without a hitch. I contacted them the day after they delivered to check if the machine was ok as I felt the belt had an issue and they came within two hours.

– Gahreeb, customer

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Servicing and Repair

A Complete team of highly experienced technical engineers offering a gamut of solutions in repairing the technical difficulties in your Home-Gym Equipment or Commercial Gym Equipments.

Our Service

Our main goal at FitEmirates is to provide the customers with the solutions according to their demands and requirement. We provide our service across the UAE in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah.

Expert & Professional In Top Brands – You Name it. We Repair It!

We provide Services, Repair & Maintenance for all the brands in fitness industry. We also provide top-tier service solutions to leading and well-known Manufacturers and Retailers in the UAE such as:

And many more!

Annual Maintenance

FitEmirates Services Annual Maintenance Program is developed to keep your Fitness Equipment free from any issues avoid frequent repairing and maintenance so that you can enjoy your workout routine. This is achieved by periodic maintenance of the Equipment.

First step when you buy an equipment, it is a requirement to have a service agreement for maintenance even if the equipment is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Even though you have warranty on your product, the manufacturer does not pay for regular maintenance services like oil changes, tyre replacement, alignments, brake pads, tune-ups etc. in case of a vehicle.

Every piece of equipment comes with a manufacturer-recommended Preventative Maintenance Schedule that should be followed starting the day you purchase it.

However, FitEmirates Equipment Services can provide a maintenance plan that is tailored to your individual requirements. Your facility and all of the equipment will be added into our database to track your inventory and service history once a maintenance agreement has been approved. Our goal is your satisfaction.

Highly experienced technicians in our team work on all well-known fitness or gym equipment brands.

Annual Service Check-List:

Below are 20 points which are considered when a detailed maintenance is executed on annual service sessions:

  1. Take off covers, clean and vacuum out interiors.
  2. Take off dirt and debris from motors, vents and circuit boards.
  3. Examine wire harness and connections.
  4. Clean all chains, bearings, bushings, rollers, pulleys and pivots.
  5. Examine the condition of alternators (where applicable).
  6. Examine the condition and align of all drive belts, chains and cables.
  7. Align and tighten walking belt.
  8. Lubricate belt and deck.
  9. Examine the condition of all bearings and bushes.
  10. Examine the condition of motor commutator and brushe’s (clean motor commutator where applicable).
  11. Examine all other parts for wear and tear.
  12. Tighten loose crank arms, belts and pulleys.
  13. Diagnose elevation sensors and take corrective measures wherever necessary.
  14. Grease drive assemblies and elevation drive systems.
  15. Examine machine function and operation.
  16. Clean exterior with polish/sealer.
  17. Perform amp/friction tests to test wear on belts and decks.
  18. Clean and check speed sensors.
  19. Finish audible inspection of motor, crank and roller bearings.
  • Every week at least once clean the rails on the side or any walking or running surface with a moist cloth. This removes the dust and dirt clung to the treadmill deck and walking belt.
  • Make it a necessity to run your treadmill without people on it once a month. Make sure the running belt is in the middle. If it isn’t, it should be changed. (Instructions for belt alignment/adjustment can be found in your owner’s handbook.)
  • Run the treadmill at full speed once a month to remove any dust or grime that has accumulated.
  • Once a month, make sure there’s enough lubricant under the walking belt and on the deck.
  • Remove the motor hood and vacuum the motor area every six months. Dirt and dust can build up on motors and electronic components, resulting in a short circuit. While doing this technique, be cautious and aware of the need to turn off the main.
Elliptical and Bikes
  • Once a week, wipe down the ramps with a moist towel.
  • Examine the wheels thoroughly to check that no foreign things have been inserted in them.
  • Check that all of the bolts are securely fastened and that your machine is level.
Gym Equipment Maintenance:
  • Examine all pulleys to check that the cables are securely fastened to them.
  • Check all cables for the presence of the coating and that none are unraveled. If you come across one, replace it right away.
Service Solutions
  • Broad servicing: FitEmirates Services provides quality service, repair for your Treadmill, Elliptical, Exercise cycle, Multi gym, Rowing machine etc. Repairs and maintenance to any equipment from any brand.
  • Experienced: Our Exceptionally trained team of technicians will take care of any service, repair and maintenance required for your equipment. They provide the best solution for your fitness or gym equipment according to customer’s needs & requirements.
  • Servicing Giant: We take up all types of services, repair of fitness or gym equipment all across the UAE. We are One of the major equipment distributors/suppliers in UAE, with an experienced team providing service, repair and maintenance for your fitness and gym equipment.
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