Stag TTRA-310 Super Table Tennis Racket

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Stag TTRA-310 Super Table Tennis Racket designed to offer great performance.

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Stag TTRA-310 Super Table Tennis Racket Designed to redefine the game of Table Tennis, the Super TT Racket has many useful features. It offers fine grip that never yield to pressure of fast, intense game. Crafted with top quality raw material, it has all elements to keep the game under your control. The racket caters to the needs of intermediate level players to help improve their game.

Super TT Racket assists your game practice to amp up existing playing skills. Also, the superior grip avoid the instances of bat slipping away from hand. Add more power and control on your game with Super TT Racket designed by Stag, the premium Tennis equipment manufacturer.


  • Designed to offer great performance
  • Maximum grip
  • Made with high quality durable raw material
  • Features an attractive design
  • Superior grip lets it stick tight to your palms while playing intense high speed games.

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