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  • The ideal machine for regular use at home for up to 8 hours per week
  • Perfect for athletes of all abilities
  • Provides a secure and convenient workout.
  • Low pulley for strengthening the lower limbs
  • A leg developer is available for the quadriceps and ischios
  • A central pull rower to work the entire body
  • Features a high pulley and enables you to exercise your back, shoulders, and triceps
  • The butterfly station allows pec exercise
  • Brand origin: Germany

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The Kettler Multi Gym is a training device that can be used regularly at home for up to 8 hours per week. For athletes of all skill levels, this machine is ideal. It provides the most demanding, comfortable, and secure workout The KETTLER MULTI GYM weight station has 16 trays of 5 kg each and a block of variable weights ranging from 5 to 80 kg.

The Multi-Gym has a low pulley for working the lower limbs, a leg developer for the quadriceps and ischios, and a central pull rower for the entire body. With the Multi-Gym’s high pulley, you can exercise your back, shoulders, and triceps. You can also exercise your triceps using the low pulley, and you can exercise your pecs using the butterfly station.

Exercises :

  • High pulley: shoulders, triceps, dorsal
  • Low pulley: biceps, extension, flexion, abductor, row
  • Butterflies: Pectorals, Seated draw
  • Center pull rowing machine. / abdominal
  • Leg extension: Leg extension, Leg Curl
Model Number 07752-850
Usage Home Use
Weight Block 5-80 kg in increments of 5 kg
Accessories Pull-up bar, hand and foot straps, bicep/tricep bar
Max User Weight 140 Kg
Item Dimensions (LWH) 170 x 109 x 200 cm
Item Weight 130 Kg
Warranty 12 Months
Brand Origin Germany


High Pulley   Shoulders, Triceps, Dorsal.
Low Pulley   Biceps,Extension,Flexion,Abducteur,Row.
Butterfly station   Pectorals, Seated draw.
Center pull rowing machine/Abdominal   Yes
Leg extension Leg extension,Leg Curl.
Muscles worked Lower body / Upper body.
Energy consumption Including hand and foot loop and bicep curl bar.
Backrest With adjustable middle part

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