H Pro Vinyl Dumbbell Set With Case – 6kg

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H Pro Vinyl Dumbbell Set With Case – 6kg is perfect for those looking for an affordable option towards working out and losing weight

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H Pro Vinyl Dumbbell Set With Case – 6kg Vinyl Dumbbell Case comes with three different weights. Clearly marked weight numbers and bright colors help signify different weight pairings for safety and convenience.

Vinyl COATING: The Vinyl coating is slip-resistant, tear-resistant, and durable enough for tough workouts. The soft outer coating also reduces any risk of damage to your floor. Soft grips reduce hand fatigue while performing exercise routines.

ERGONOMIC CASE: Compact and lightweight, the ergo-dynamic case safely encloses all the weights to keep them from getting lost or damaged. COMPACT AND PORTABLE: Bring along your various weights and pair them with free exercises like walking, squats, and lunges for a challenging workout. Take them on the go to a park during a brisk walk for cardio benefits.

EXCELLENT FITNESS BENEFITS: Using hand weights is excellent for improving workouts like walking, lunges, jogging, squats, etc. Utilize the fitness weights for light training, rehabilitation exercises, or toning and shaping your body.


H PRO Dumbbell set is perfect for those looking for an affordable option towards working out and losing weight! They’re easy to use, durable, and have incredible value

★H PRO team is dedicated to time and the sweat, to awake the passion of the people for adventure and sports

★We hope that you can enjoy everything you want to do with our sports and outdoor accessories

★We pursue excellence and superiority. We provide a 24-hour online service to solve your problems

★Solid cast iron core – H Pro High-quality, solid, one-pair of cast iron with soft-touch neoprene coating, without odour, is perfect for your daily workout. The soft neoprene surface is extremely finely processed and easy to clean. Never fade or crack in your daily workout

★Contoured, non-slip handle – Thanks to the textured surface, it’s easy and comfortable to grip and won’t slip out when you sweat

★Anti-roll technology – The subtle flat shape of the top and bottom of the hand weights prevents them from rolling away and enables convenient and easy storage throughout the house

★Healthy and safe materials – The materials are strictly selected, free from phthalate and lead. It’s healthier and safer in your daily exercise

★Teenagers – Start with light weights 1kg to 2 kg and very simple dumbbell exercises that can improve muscle building and strengthen bones and joints. Teenagers that exercise regularly with weights can reduce the risk of sports injuries by half and perform better athletically. Bone density can be increased and tendons can be strengthened

★Seniors – A strength training program for seniors can provide benefits that improve the overall quality of life, including upper and lower body strength, joint health, balance, and stability. Incorporating weights can also speed up metabolism and aids weight management

★ Pregnant women – Lifting dumbbells during pregnancy increases flexibility improves strength


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