Force USA Patriot barbell


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  • The Patriot Barbell is sturdy and long-lasting
  • Exact 20 kg barbell weight and 28mm grip diameter
  • Perfect all-arounder for novice to intermediate trainers
  • Offers excellent grip for a variety of exercises
  • Brand origin: USA

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The Patriot Barbell is an all-rounder that has amazing features to meet the requirements for weightlifting, Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, and multi-purpose barbells to perform a wide variety of barbell-related exercises and movements.

Carry out your WOD lifts with confidence. The Patriot Barbell is a strong and long-lasting item that also covers Crossfit exercises. Exact 20 kg barbell weight.   Prior to machining, each Patriot Barbell shaft is ground and polished. The result is a refined finish with a 1% tolerance for weight accuracy.

The Patriot Barbell is the ideal all-rounder for beginner to moderate trainers to be able to perform a wide variety of different barbell exercises because it has standard dimension knurling and IPF/IWF positioning. This barbell can advance your lifting form even further than the Ranger barbell because it has a good whip and is forgiving.

Knurling dimensions, IPF/IWF spec positioning, and a cozy 28 mm shaft provides a perfect grip for a variety of exercises and holds while remaining cozy. The Patriot Barbell has 4 x bearings which offer the sleeves great spin. The bar has an incredibly smooth feel throughout the lift when combined with bronze bushings. Brass bushings are inferior to bronze bushings in quality. They give more smooth spinning motion and also self-lubricate to increase their longevity.

The Patriot Barbell is incredibly strong and heavy-duty with a 200,000 PSI tensile strength. The steel on the Patriot Barbell sleeves is zinc-plated while submerged in a bath. Bright zinc provides a high-quality finish and powerful corrosion resistance. The Patriot Barbell’s shaft has a Black Zinc finish.

superior rust protection and a finish of a much higher caliber than oxide. This offers a surface that takes chalk well and gives the hands a wonderful feeling.

Additionally, it looks fantastic. The massive 1,500 lb weight rating gives you power and assurance that you can achieve.

Best Use Multipurpose / All-Rounder
Overall Length 86.6 in (2200 mm)
Overall Weight 20 Kg / 44 lb
Grip Diameter 28 mm
Loadable Sleeve Length 16 in (410 mm)
Whip Good
Knurling Style Standard
Knurling Spec Dual : IPF / IWF
Shaft Coating Black Zinc
Sleeve Coating Bright Zinc
Bushings Bronze
Bearings 4 x Needle per sleeve
Static Weight Rating 1,500 lbs (680 Kg)
Tensile Strength 200,000 PSI
Weight Tolerance ±1%
Straightness Accuracy ±0.25 mm

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