Cornilleau Trampoline Springcare | 8 Feet

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  • Unique and patented design
  • Comes with flexible and taut protective net
  • Meticulously tested all components
  • Elastic propulsion, safer and more resistant
  • Jumping mat with a durable bounce
  • Easy to assemble
  • Brand origin: France

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The Springcare 8 Feet trampoline propulsion system is distinctive and patented. A dense elastic mesh made of numerous tiny filaments is used in place of traditional springs. This invention has many advantages in terms of comfort and safety because the rebound eases joint stress. In the Cornilleau laboratories, each part of the Springcare trampoline has undergone rigorous testing to guarantee its sturdiness and that it will continue to function well even after being used thousands of times.

The revolutionary invention of elastic propulsion

A dense elastic mesh of numerous elastic microfilaments ensures propulsion on the Springcare trampoline. The dynamic rebound, similar to that of a spring trampoline, has the advantage of being easier on the joints and giving the feet special flexibility. Additionally, unlike metal springs, it is obviously not unpleasant to revert to using the elastics.

A double-layer cushion for even better cushioning

A double-thickness cushion is placed on top of the elastic mesh that serves as propulsion. This foam has tiny cells that are micro-aerated. They can better absorb shocks because of their extreme thinness. Because the cells are thin and numerous, the force that they absorb can be distributed more evenly, which benefits the foam’s longevity.

A flexible and taut protective net

The Springcare Trampoline’s net is specifically made to offer safety and is both firm and soft enough to securely hold objects. This is a specially designed, dense yet soft mesh. The net ensures Long-lasting soft protection.

Curved posts so you never have to touch them

The Springcare trampoline’s poles are symmetrically curved toward the net for reasons other than aesthetics. This ensures that the jumping surface of the trampoline never makes contact with the poles. When jumping diagonally, there is no possibility of hitting a pole. To protect anyone playing outside the trampoline rather than inside, the poles have thick protective foam coverings.

Meticulous testing of all parts

All components have undergone ageing tests that allow us to confirm that the Springcare trampoline resists far more than the average levels of corrosion, strength, extreme heat, traction, and repetition. Over time, it maintains its initial characteristics, such as safety and bounce quality.

Elastic propulsion, safer and more resistant

The elastic propulsion used in the Springcare trampolines has important advantages in terms of durability in addition to rebound and safety. The force produced by the jumps can be distributed more evenly by relying on an extremely dense elastic mesh made up of numerous microfilaments. Each filament has the least amount of stress possible as a result, and it keeps working even after thousands of uses.

A jumping mat with a durable bounce

The Springcare trampoline jumping mat has undergone dozens of tests to make sure its quality is consistent and that it will continue to hold up even after being 

used thousands of times.

Easy to assemble

There are only eight screws total on the Springcare trampoline, and we made sure that no part of the assembly process is challenging. You can easily put your trampoline together in an hour and a half with two people.

Type Outdoor Trampolines
Net Flexible and taut protective net
Ladder Removable ladder
Springs NA
Max User Weight 100 Kg
Item Dimensions (WH) 234 x 294 cm
Item Weight NA
Warranty 12 Months
Brand Origin France


No of feet 3
Max number of users 1
Minimum age 3 years
Certification TÜV SÜD / GS

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