Cornilleau Sport 500 Indoor Table

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  • Automatic net with adjustable height and tension
  • Easy adjustment of the legs
  • Comes with storage for 6 balls
  • A 50mm high frame ensures more stability
  • Features 16 locking points, 2 brakes, and 4 protective corners
  • Special double wheels for indoor use
  • Brand origin: France

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The Cornilleau 500 Indoor Table Tennis Table is inspired by the elegant and durable design of outdoor tables and was created to meet the needs of both club and recreational table tennis players. Additionally, it provides a rebound quality suitable for seasoned players’ games. Its 22 mm thick chipboard panels will be especially useful for those seeking a high-performance table.

Automatic net with adjustable height and tension

Utilize the 500 Indoor precisely. When you open your table, the net posts expand automatically. Choose the appropriate playing height using the roller at the bottom of the net. You can then adjust the tension by pulling on the wire and locking it with the clip. If your adjustment has just been made, you are ready to play.

Simple leg adjustments

The legs of the 500 Indoor table can be easily adjusted thanks to an inventive system that is included. To effortlessly level the table, just turn the knob. The adjustment system is independent of the foot and isn’t in contact with the surface. easy to use and effective.

Storage for 6 balls

There are ball storage areas on the 500 Indoor table. The fact that there are pockets on both sides of the table ensures that you always have balls available and that you can begin a game whenever you want.

Large storage compartments

The 500 Indoor table has two storage areas where you can keep your keys, phone, and other items that might get in the way while you’re playing. Keep your belongings airy and light.

Club-like bounce quality

The 500 Indoor table’s 22 mm thick chipboard makes it suitable for club table tennis. It can also be used by demanding amateurs who want to outfit themselves at home.

Wide frame for more stability

The 500 Indoor’s wide, 50 mm high frame helps to increase the stability and evenness of the playing surface. This lasts for years because of the Aluzinc®, which gives it strength and durability.

Uniek locking system

The 500 Indoor table tennis table has 16 locking points. Whether it is in the play position or the storage position, it stays firmly in place. This patented system offers an unmatched level of security and goes above and beyond the bounds of the law. The 500 Indoor table is foldable and unfoldable thanks to its easily accessible handle and has an additional safety lock at 65 degrees if the handle is not kept while the table is unfolded.

Dual brakes

Your table will remain in place not only throughout the game but also when it is folded and stored, even on a sloped floor. The 500 Indoor table has two brakes that, when engaged, guarantee its stability.

4 protective corners

The 500 Indoor table has corner protectors to soften the edges and lessen impacts against the table. You will be happy that you chose a table with these hip guards. 

The compact table: less space, more safety

The Cornilleau COMPACT TECHNOLOGY® folding system reduces the chance of overturning, prevents kids from getting between the tops when the table is in storage, and makes it simpler to open and close the table. at your desk. It has the dual benefits of taking up little space and preventing operator error once folded. Special double wheels for indoor use

Special double wheels for indoor use

The 500 Indoor table’s double wheels make it simple to move on various indoor surfaces. The wheels’ construction and material prevent damage to delicate floors, like those in gyms.

Type Table Tennis
Frame 50 mm frame in Aluzinc® Indoor
Playing surface 22 mm particle board
Item Dimensions (LWH) 274 x 152 x 76 cm
Item Weight 91 Kg
Package Weight 104 Kg
Other Features Protective corners, Storage space for balls and sticks
Brand Origin France


Foldable Dimensions (LWH) 165 x 75 x 155.5 cm
Approval FFTT competition approval
Category (European Standards) EN 14468 – CLASS C
Brakes 2 brakes
Wheels 30 x 150 mm double wheels
Net Type Foldable, and Adjustable net in tension and in height
Adjustable Leg Pad Adjustable 3D adjustment shoe diam.104 mm
Conical feet  110-65 x 65 mm
Locking System DSI (16 points)

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