Force USA Olympic Safety Squat Barbell


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  • Comes with comfy, high-density foam neck & Trap pads
  • Tested by elite athletes and trainers
  • Effectively targets and isolates your quads
  • Aiding in maintaining better balance and technique
  • Brand Origin: USA

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This Force USA Olympic Safety Squat Barbell provides ideal weight distribution and industrial-grade durability, making it a crucial training tool for serious powerlifters. With its sturdy one-piece design, 225kg (500lbs) weight capacity, and highly-supportive neck and trap pads, you can safely perform challenging squat progressions, walking lunges, and a variety of other exercises.

Maintain Perfect Technique

The Force USA® Olympic Safety Squat Barbell will efficiently target and isolate your quads, assisting in maintaining better technique and balance by lessening the burden on your upper back and shoulders. A Safety Squat Barbell can help you avoid injuries and increase your strength gains when compared to conventional barbells.

Comfortable, Supportive Neck and Trap Pads

With Force USA’s cozy, high-density foam neck and trap pads, you can lift with complete assurance that you are secured in place.

Load Up Your Olympic Plates

Your Force USA® Olympic Safety Squat Barbell has a huge 225kg (500lbs) weight rating and is designed for Olympic Weight Plates.

Tested By Elite Athletes and Trainers

The Force USA research and development team is made up of serious weightlifters, trainers, and athletes who rigorously test each piece of gear to ensure the highest possible standards of comfort, performance, and durability.

Usage Domestic
Bar Weight 20 Kg
Length 218 cm
Shaft Length 162 cm
Distance between the Angled bend on the shaft 117 cm
Loadable Sleeve Length 39 cm
Sleeve Diameter 50 mm
Max Weight 225 Kg
Shaft Diameter 30 mm
Shaft Material Q235 Steel
Sleeve Material Cast Iron
Main Usage Olympic
Sleeve Diameter 50 mm

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