Cornilleau 300 Indoor Table -Blue

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  • Patented DSI folding system for ease of use
  • Foldable and adjustable net
  • Easily adjustable leg heights, built-in ball storage
  • 18mm high-density chipboard panels ensure good bouncing
  • Deep 50 mm high frame ensures better stability
  • Features 16 locking points, and two brakes
  • Soft, rubber, protection pads to roundoff corners
  • COMPACT TECHNOLOGY® folding system
  • Brand origin: France

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Product Description

The Cornilleau 300 Indoor table combines the durability of outdoor tables with the excellent rebound provided by high-quality chipboard tops. It is ideal for those who want to regularly play table tennis.

Cornilleau’s patented DSI folding system and COMPACT TECHNOLOGY storage system make this table easier to use. Additionally, this model has leg levelers and two wheels with brakes. It is a preferred option for school tournaments and perfect for family table tennis games.

Foldable and adjustable net

Once assembled and the net is fitted, the table will remain perfectly taut for an extended period of time. However, it can be quickly altered if necessary. When closed, the net posts can be folded to conserve storage space.

Ultra simple adjustment of the legs

On the 300 Indoor table, it is simple to modify the leg height. To effortlessly level your table, simply turn the knob. It is simple to level the table on an uneven surface using this procedure. No lifting of the leg is required because the adjustment knob is not in direct contact with the floor. Simple and efficient.

Ball storage

The 300 Indoor table has built-in ball storage that allows you to store 4 balls. This storage, which can be found on either side of the table, enables you to always have balls on hand and to begin a game whenever you like.

Good bounce quality

The 300 Indoor table’s 18mm high density chipboard panels provide a good bounce for serious table tennis training.

A deep frame for better stability

The 300 Indoor table’s deep 50 mm high frame makes sure the playing surface is flat and stable. The corrosion resistance of the Aluzinc® material ensures robustness and durability for many years to come.

A unique locking system

The 300 Indoor table has sixteen points for locking. It stays locked in place whether in the playing position or the storage position. This patented system offers a level of security that is unmatched and far beyond what is required by law. The table has a central handle that makes it simple to open and close. It also has a safety feature that locks at 65 degrees if the handle is not held when the table is unfolded.

Two brakes

The 300 Indoor table has two brakes that guarantee your table will remain in place during play and when it is folded for storage, even on a sloped floor.

Corner protection pads

To ensure the maximum level of child safety, soft, rubber protection pads are used to round off the corners and soften any potential bumps against the table. Choosing a table with corner protectors will be good for your hips.

The compact table: less space, more safety

The Cornilleau COMPACT TECHNOLOGY® folding system makes it simpler to open and close your table. This system lessens the chance of tipping and keeps kids from getting in between the tops when the furniture is in the storage position. It is simple to handle and takes up less space when folded.

Special indoor double wheels

The 300 Indoor table’s double wheels make it simple to move on indoor surfaces. Its user friendly design ensures that there is no risk of damage to soft floors.

Model Number 3222761110101
Type Table Tennis
Frame 50 mm frame in Aluzinc® Indoor
Playing surface Chipboard 18 mm
Item Dimensions (LWH) 274 x 152 x 76 cm (Net posts not included)
Item Weight 77 Kg
Package Weight 89 Kg
Other Features Compact Technology
Brand Origin France


Wheel Type Special indoor double wheel
Transport Wheels 30 x 150 mm(thickness x diameter)
Locking System DSI (16 points)
Leg Type / Dimensions Straight / diam. 38 mm
Adjustable Leg Pad 3D adjustable/ diam.104 mm
Net Type Folding
Adjustable Net Tension
Brakes 2 brakes
Ball Storage Yes / 4 balls
Bat Storage No
Corner Protection Pads Yes
Category (European Standards) EN 14468 – CLASS C
Approval FFTT Leisure
Storage Dimensions (LWH) 165 x 75.3 x 155.5 cm

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